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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rotation Progress from 40+ hours on each

I have to work another piece in here as I'm in an exchange for PS. A good thing to break in with. ;)

This one is the Alessandra Adelaide Zucca using Needle Necessities

Lanarte Summer bouquet....no new progress from last picture....I'm going to work on this one today.

Crossed Wing Redtail Anny Love the over one eye

Hands to work This is the day...from a JCS magazine


Mylene said...

What great designs you are working on Teresa.

coral said...

They are all beautiful((()))

Elaine said...

All your wips are just beautiful. Happy Stitching!

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Very pretty stitching! I love the name of your blog...I could use some of that! LOL

Joy said...

Your stitching is beautiful!! I think I have the JCS one...somewhere in the stash! LOL Keep up the wonderful work!!

Gayle said...

Nice work. I especially like the Crossed Wing Redtail. I might have the JCS sampler. What month/year is it from? I get some much motivation from seeing other's stitching.