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Friday, June 18, 2010


This is my latest finish. AAN Zucca on evenweave white with Needle Necessities #144 It has about 90 hours in it.

This is my current piece in my rotation...so a couple more rotations and it should be done. Hands to Work This is the day.

Crossed Wing Anny Redtail is just about done....hated to put it down as I am so close to being finished, but must be fair to the other pieces in rotation....next rotation and it will be a finish.


Elaine said...

Teresa Zucca is just gorgeous, congrats on your finish. Love both your other roation pieces as well.

Mylene said...

Gorgeous finish, Teresa. Congrats. Both the WIP's are great designs too and are coming along beautifully.

Farm Girl said...

Teresa, your Zucca is stunning. 90 hours! Thats amazing - I've never attempted to count the hours on projects - might scare me how long it takes me to actually finish something! Love your blog, Nicky

FIONA said...

Teresa I have enjoyed reading your blog and your work is simply beautiful. thanks for sharing and inspiring! x