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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cross-eyed cricket finishes

Here are 2 more finishes.
This is CEC 2010 carrot freebie. I made a few changes in the pattern. I have the carrot series already done and display them each Easter. My mom is the one that is good at this type of finishing...but I'm learning and help when I can.
These are from Leaflets # 242, 243 Rabbit's garden & Rabbit's delight

This is the September acorn ABC from Acorns fall from CEC
I see all the finishes I did this week and start to feel a bit guilty about my stitching time....but I did get DD's room finished on the painting after tedious wallpaper and paste removal and she & I will have fun arranging everything back in there. The house is picked up and cleaned....the last load of laundry is in.
I do know that my stitching time will end up being evenings only very soon as the weather is warming up and outside duties will be calling me....I guess that's why I don't feel bad that the cold winter months is when I get lots of stitching time.(well, I don't ever really feel guilty about it lol).


Deb said...

I just love your carrots! I was going to do those and even found a tree to hang them from. I've never gotten to them. Now I see yours and I want them!! They look wonderful.

Babs in Alabama said...

I'm glad you came around to that conclusion of feeling no guilt...stitchers aren't supposed to feel guilt.
Love all the carrots and your mom is a great finisher!

Eva said...

I love your carrots!

I must stitch my carrots! I have the charts and the fabric, but they are not stitched yet!

Can you tell me where to get the freebie chart?

Lisa S said...

Your carrots are adorable! I too have the charts but have yet to stitch them. Seeing yours makes me want to stitch them now but I have a few exchanges I have to work on first.

Rita said...

Cute finishes! I LOVE your carrot tree. I have those CEC leaflets but haven't yet stitched the carrots.

Sally said...

Those carrots look fantastic!

Cindy's Stitching said...

The carrots are so cute. very nice.