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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Continuing on

This series is fun and I'm over halfway done now. I changed the border to a V. Clayton silk-Flag.
I did work on a With my needle and thread design the Birds of a feather mystery sampler before I got going on July. I have part 2 done and some of part 1....part 3 will be here soon.


Milly~ said...

I love this piece!!!!! Then again are you surprised I love it. LOL!!!! Nice job.

Vinniey said...

Your "July" piece is looking great! Beautiful stitching.

Deb said...

Your July piece is so cute. And I can't wait to see your Mystery Sampler progress. I've stalled out on mine and need to pick it up again!

Sally said...

Lovely stitching. It's so pretty.