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Friday, July 15, 2011

Drawn Thread

series is over 1/2 way done.
I jumped out of turn and did September first and now am working on August.

About comments....I don't know why some of you can't leave comments. I have it set to anyone to comment, I do have it set to moderate though so I don't get the solicitations & invitations from strangers.


country stitcher said...

I just love this series from Drawn Thread that you are doing. they are so cute.
Happy Stitching

Mary Ann said...

I have just discovered your lovely blog. The DT September finish is lovely. I am always drawn to pieces that are months or seasons.

Elizabeth M. said...

I am guilty of visiting everyday and not leaving a comment...I just LOVE your stitching and am AMAZED at how fast you stitch! I'm jealous!

In XXX's,
Elizabeth M.

Sally said...

You're getting through these fantastic pieces! This one is as gorgeous as the others :)

Anonymous said...

Annalisa from Italy

Janice Boucher said...

beautiful stitching! I just love the DT September. I especially love seasons, and houses. So those are really up my alley!