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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elvis is in the building.

Whew....all done with shades of gray/black. This was a fun stitch though and to step back every once in a while & squint to see the picture develop.

I also notice I am 38 visits away from 10,000. I will have a giveaway...not sure just yet what it will be...will stash supply dive in a bit....from now till I hit 10,000 visits(or I see that I hit 10,000) anyone who comments & asks to be entered will have a chance for my secret(at the moment) prize.


country stitcher said...

This is so cool, the picture of Elvis, great job! I had one of his songs sung at my wedding in 1979.
And I wouldn't mind being entered in your giveaway for a secret prize.
Happy Stitching

Linda said...

WOW! I love Elvis. Awesome job. Please enter me in your drawing.


Jennifer B. said...

Wow, great job on Elvis! I don't think I could be patient enough to finish a project like that. Actually, I have a hard enough of a time finishing any project (I'm a UFO queen!) :)
(I'd love to be entered in the giveaway!)

CalamityJr said...

Elvis has so many similar shades - you must have fantastic eyesight, because he looks great! Please include me in your soon-to-be drawing!

Elizabeth M. said...

You really surprised me on this one...didn't think you would stitch this type of picture...I guess since all I've ever seen is the Drawn Thread ~ sampler like pieces. Great Job! Hope you make it to your goal this weekend...please enter me in a chance for the drawing!

Sally said...

Wow that looks fantastic!