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Friday, July 8, 2011

WIP & finished finishes

This is my wip of With thy needle & thread BOAF mystery. I'm just a few dozen stitches short of being finished with parts 1 & 2.

The two gifts have been delivered so I can show my finishing on these two Bent creek Wedding Row finishes.


country stitcher said...

Great job on BOAF mystery sampler!!! What fabric did you use for it. My fabric looks darker than this.
Happy Stitching

Deb said...

It looks great and you're going to be ready for the next installment. I'm still working on the border - such a slow poke I am!

Sally said...

Wow your BOAF mystery is gorgeous!

Lovely gifts.

CalamityJr said...

You're the farthest along on the mystery sampler that I've seen, and I'm really loving it! Can't wait to see what fills in that empty space. Looks like you'll soon be completely finished! The wedding pieces are lovely. I've been trying to decide what to stitch for our 40th anniversary next year, and this might be a contender. Right now I'm leaning toward Joy in the Journey - but who knows until it's stitched, lol?! Thanks for sharing.