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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

October is just around the corner

I finished up Drawn Thread's October calendar cover....this is a weird piece of fabric....it IS 32 ct.(because I counted it several times) but it just seems so large. I thought it was because I just finished the big sampler on 40 ct. but October even stitched up bigger than the rest in the series. I'm going to go and count the size of the border on some of the others to see if they just made it wider.

BTW, is anyone else having trouble with Photobucket today? I can't get the pages to load right and it won't give me the final upload button to put in my picture.


Vonna said...

Its beautiful Teresa! I love these :)
when you get done with all of these would you be interested in selling or trading charts for them? I saw someone doing these all on one piece of fabric and was in love :) Let me know!

Rita said...

Beautiful finish!

Sarah Beth said...

I love it. I recently got something nice by the Drawn Thread. I am in the Halloween mode too. I am making a cool design from one of my The Cross Stitcher magazines. It says Trick or Treat in Bold letters that are illustrated.

Babs in Alabama said...

I haven't been keeping up with these, but October's is sure pretty. Beautiful stitching.

Siobhan said...

Teresa, that is so pretty! Lovely finish.

Sally said...

I have loved every single one of these you've stitched and this one is no exception.