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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Great Scissor Scamper

Tricia had a fun idea to show off all her scissors and challenged us to do so....and someone will win something, but I think just showing them off is fun. So visit Tricia's blog and join in the fun.
These are All of my scissors (I think I rounded them all up out of project bags).

These are how most of my scissors are everyday except for my Dovos at my stitching chair and a couple of pair in stitching project bags for on the go. I got the flower frog at one Antique store and the base at an antique store in Alabama. The top I had just happens to be like the one that should go on it.

Below are my Ginghers, Dovos & small Fiskars. I started with the Fiskars(1), but wanted something smaller so I received the silver Ginghers(5), bought the Lanell ginghers(3) to go with a scissor case pattern I stitched but have yet to put together. I received the Sarah Ginghers(4) for my birthday one year and finally last year I splurged for the Dovos(2) at Celebrations. The Dovos are my favorite of all my scissors and they don't leave my stitching chair area.

Below are my pretty scissors and some of my newest acquisitions. The last 3 pair are Kelmscott scissors- Woven, Tudor Rose & Devon.
The brown/gold fob is from my friend Minnie, the name fob CyndiB made for me, JannG gave me the Christmas fob, the bubbly one is a new acquisition from Embellishing Bits(Kelmscott)and I made the green marble fob.

Pictured below are my fun and least expensive scissors. Several of them are very sharp. The top left is a project I made at Silver Needle's Camp Wannasew and they gave us the scissors, needle threader & floss holders. The top right needlebook is from an exhange which included the fun scissors. The pink fob is from an exchange, the blue one I purchased from my LNS and the tea pot one was given at a gtg. The black handled scissors are Japanese and have a curved tip. I purchased them at a quilt show in Paducah.


Ranae said...

I'm drooling over your collection, so different from mine.
I should collect all mine and take a pic, they are scattered all over and some like Ginghers are put away.
Thanks for sharing

Deb said...

You certainly have a lot of scissors, but I believe that people can't have enough of them - although we only use them one at a time.

Love the flower frog. I have one just like that and it's one of my favorites.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What a fun stitching story your scissors tell! Trips to LNS', exchanges, get-togethers, camps... Thanks so much for sharing! I think I need to look into a Dovo scissors next. You have me curious! I love the bubbly fob. It's so pretty! Where did you find it??

Nikki said...

I love all your scissors; I don't have quite as many as you do, but I am working on it! LOL I just bid and won a flower frog EXACTLY like yours on Ebay and cannot wait to get it.


Sheila said...

I love all your scissors. I have a clear scissor frog like yours, not nearly as full though.
Do you mind me asking where in Missouri you live? I'm orginally from Missouri.