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Friday, March 9, 2012


Rosewood Manor Past & Present. I am stitching this per page except I am finishing a pattern that continues instead of stopping and starting with the page break. This is my progress as of this morning. Be sure and checkout Karen's website as there are several corrections....I knew one ahead of time and reprinted the page but a few more have been added since. I caught them and corrected them correctly and was going to email her but see she has then up at the site.


Deb said...

This is looking so nice. I love the different designs in it. Much more interesting than just straight cross stitch!

Nikki said...


I saw your WIP on the 123 Board and had to visit your Blog too. I am also stitching Past & Present. You are about 2 rows ahead of me. Yours is looking fantastic. I just love Rosewood Manor and will look forward to seeing your progress and checking in on your Blog. Check my Blog sometime.


*-* said...

I'm here via the MB as well. the needle roll looks great, I do love them & they are a small stitch as an alternative to a larger project.
Lovely Blog.