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Monday, June 11, 2012

Quaker Acorn

This is a freebie from Workbasket called Quaker Acorn. I used SNC Chocolate Caramel over 2 on 40 ct. Bittersweet(I think that's my new favorite fabric). The fabric actually has a tinge of pink that doesn't show in the photo.
I've added some new sale items to my photobucket albums....I've put a couple here on my blog sale page too.


Vickie said...

I have this in my "to do" pile. Love your fabric and thread! :) http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

tr said...

I love your acron where can AI find the pattern thanks twet


Rita said...

Beautiful acorn!

TR, you can find this on the freebie page at The Workbasket's website:


There's a new (to me) dragonfly one too.

Linda said...

Love the design and floss. Congrats on the finish.