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Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrations Stash Haul & class

Celebrations was wonderful again this year with the added bonus of a stitching parlor...plenty of room left even when there were quite a few stitchers in there. I didn't stay as late at night as I had thought I would but I enjoyed the whole show greatly.

I took Cecile McPeak's class from JABCo. It was awesome....on the left you will see the buttons I made.  This is what was left after everyone in the class got 1 or 2.
In the paper box(which will be decorated later as we chose to spend all our time making buttons instead) are the buttons I received from the other class attendees.
The buttons below the box were given to us by Cecile. Frog pin was one of Sarah's(her assistant) first attempts at the frog when she started working for Cecile. Then Cecile came around and took a scrap of the clay we were working with and made our initial.

I went to Meet & Great (posted earlier) on Wednesday night....Show preview on Thursday(we got to window shop) where then I of course made notes as to which shop to seek out first for specific items I saw....on Friday spent the morning shopping till our backs started hurting, so lunch, then the stitching lounge. Saturday was my class, a couple of shops to revisit then the stitcher's lounge again.
So here is my stash haul....mostly large cuts of fabric(40ct) & a few patterns with some floss, Halloween bell pull topper and some shop freebies/goodies given(bottom left corner floss, two patterns, wood tag, & key chain is already on my keys).

And I kept telling EVERYONE I saw, I don't know where I've been for the last 4 years but the Erica Michaels that I know from Rainbow Gallery isn't the same. WOW, her silk gauze patterns are exquisite...and a couple had to come home with me. A fellow stitcher in the lounge kept getting interrupted by me telling EVERYONE there too (LOL) to go look at her work as she was working on silk gauze and had several finishes to show off. I could stitch all I own on silk gauze and probably be able to display it all on one wall(sure saves space).


Rita said...

It sounds like a great time!

Mii Stitch said...

Nice new stash!!! I can even spot a biscornu ☺

Vickie said...

Ha! Teresa I am stitching an Erica Michaels 40ct silk gauze pattern right now. I have posted about it already. Sure is different working on it. I do have the hang of it now. It is easier now that I pulled out the magnifier/light. =)

butterfly said...

Lovely goodies looks like you had fun.

Deb said...

There is nothing better than new stash!! Looks like you have some nice things to keep you busy!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time. The Erica Michaels stuff was fantastic. I have to say tho - they lost out on a sale from me. I wanted the little heart design that was near the door. When I asked about it the lady said - Oh we are out of that - then turned away. Most of the shops were selling the item and shipping it free when they got back to their home/shop. I then left the shop without purchasing anything.