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Monday, September 3, 2012

My hand at dyeing

I stitched this freebie I had printed out and would like to link you all to it but I can't find it at her site anymore.  Our Pioneer Homestead blog .
I did it on mint green(thinking witches face here) and used SNC monster mash but I'm not as crazy about how it turned out so can't do any harm by trying staining. I used instant espresso...it sure smells good and I like the coloring  a lot better. The final picture doesn't really show the shading of the coffee stain....a little heavier in between the rows of words...and a few nice blotches of brown...fabric is still green but more witchy face green ;)


Linda said...

I love the piece after you dyed it. What a difference. Another thing I haven't been brave enough to try. Looks great.


butterfly said...

Love your stitching , and the colour, hugs.

Ranae said...

Cool design, love the saying
I think the dye makes it lok more spooky eerie then the regular spring look

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Love the fiber colors. And I think it looks great both ways but then mint green is one of my favorite colors....Mamcu