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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice bound

We should be at church this morning but ice is something I don't drive on....most roads are mostly clear, mostly? well not completely apparently and overpasses definately aren't and some were even closed....why chance it....

So it's a longer day of stitching since we are stuck home. I usually watch NBC news but lately have switched to CBS....Never get to see Sunday news and today I found I really like CBS Sunday morning....such wonderful uplifting stories(Charles Osgood and others). Such a change from all the horrible story coverage everyday.

 I finished SamSarah fresh pepper and have started Fresh garlic.
You can't see the garlic yet as the outline is close to the background but once the W parchment fills it in it should pop.  Just Beet is to do after Garlic.

I hope to post Wip pictures soon of the other 3 I have going.

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Lisa V said...

Its coming along nicely Teresa.