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Monday, February 18, 2013

My oversight your bonus

LOL, I just finished this piece and went to enter the info into my database....alas there was already a finish date entered....I went back to my pictures and yes, I've stitched this before. Sooooo, I will do a drawing for this finished stitching. Will draw on Friday morning 2/22/13 so leave a comment if you wish to win this. I am going to redo the beads though since I can see the carry over threads on the picture, that won't take me too long to redo.
Cinnamon Hearts
Autumnal Pumpkins


Donna G. said...

How funny! I've not stitched anything in duplicate (unless it was planned.....like for gifts) but I have BOUGHT duplicate patterns. And as you are doing with your stitched piece, a stitching friend would be the recipient of the duplicate pattern.

Thanks for sharing with your followers. It is a lovely piece.

Kay said...

How funny for you! Also, how kind of you to share such a lovely piece of cross stitch. I would love to win it and give it a happy home.

Ellen said...

Beautiful stitching! Sure would love to own this piece, thank you for the chance!

I normally do not stitch the same design again unless it is to be gifted!


Lisa V said...

Such a sweet little design, I would love to be included in the draw, thanks.

Eva said...

How funny! I often bought the same chart twice by accident, but I have not yet stitched a chart more than once unless it was on purpose. I shouldn't laugh, because I will probably do the same thing someday soon!

Thanks for including me in the drawing!

Judy Walker said...

I love that design. Who is the designer? This would make a great recovery project as I lie here in bed unable to stitch just yet. Recovery not going so well but I'm determined and you know how stubborn I can be!!!

butterfly said...

You must have loved this design to stitch it twice, I would love to be the new owner, hugs.