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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A finish

I was at one of my stitch clubs last night and with 5 minutes left(most are already packed up ready to go). I had the 3 in the date left to stitch and decided to move it over one stitch so removing 3 stitches my needle went flying (literally) and that 5 minutes was spent looking for the needle (we were in a McD's so it HAD to be found). Found it and packed up....got home pulled it out and put my final stitches in so the gang at club didn't get to see it 'finished' in person.

Blackbird Designs
Home of the Brave
32 evenweave
DMC 221
Now on to one of my WIPS, actually the SAL for Quaker Virtues, and ready to start a new piece but making myself stitch a bit more of the rotation before I do....the new ones are setting there beside my stitching chair waiting to have needle put to fabric.


Quiltsmiles said...

Nice stitchy finish. No matter how many times I see this it is still beautiful, guess it's the sentiment it carries. Looks good with your color. Jane

Quiltsmiles said...

Looks nice! Love the sentiment it portrays too. Jane

Vickie said...

What a great stitch. It is very nice.

Pam in IL said...

Congrats on your finish. It looks great!

Nikki said...

It looks wonderful Teresa. I saw you post on 123Stitch too. We have similar tastes in our stitching; I have mentioned this before, and I just bought Home of The Brave from a board member just LAST NIGHT, before I saw your finish. LOL We have GREAT taste, don't we?


Stitching Cat said...

Love seeing your finish, I really should pull mine out of the stash pile and stitch it this year! Glad you found your needle.

Linda said...

Congrats on the finish Teresa. What a great design.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great finish! You're on a roll this year, aren't you? Congrats!