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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIPS progress

This is where I am on these 3 as of this morning...I have been working lately on this first one. It's a commissioned piece and is fun (except I don't care for aida, but 18 ct. isn't too bad). There is more stitching done on the right and left, continued sky & trees, but it wouldn't fit on the scanner so here is the main section.

Hidden Spirit

By Gone Stitches
Quaker Virtue
Acorn Woods & Rusty Amber SNC

This one I chose 40 ct. without studying the pattern and ugh....there are whole areas of over one....basically that is what is left with a bit of satin stitches and some specialty stitches. Quite a few that I 'thought' were crossed stitches are smyrna crosses(turkey's tail)...they cover nicely but take a bit more time.
Chessie n me
A breath of Autumn


Annie said...

They are all looking great!

Linda said...

Great progress Teresa. I really like the Hidden Spirit one.


Eva said...

Everything is looking great! I have that Chessie and Me design (or least a very similar one) kitted up and ready to stitch. I haven't studied it yet, but I am glad I have the suggested fabric in the project bag!

Rita said...

Beautiful progress!

Carol said...

Beautiful progress on all, Teresa! I am loving Chessie & Me designs more and more all the time!