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Friday, May 3, 2013

Still more time needed

I am still working on this piece....I should have been done but decided to start a couple of other newly commissioned pieces but then picked this back up. Lots of green to fill in the the backstitching(minimal). Ignore the top left corner....the cabinet I had it hanging on decided to shine through so there is a spiderweb effect. (couldn't have accomplished that if I had tried on purpose lol)
Hidden Spirit
OOP kit

I can't believe our crazy weather....apparently our track meets aren't meant to be comfortable this year....the majority of them have been rainy and cold....we did have 1 in 80 degree weather this week but we are back to 40's and rain...but at least the snow(knock on wood) is missing us. 9" of rain in April....over 1" today so far. Won't complain about that as we are high and dry.  Helllooo, it's May.


Brigitte said...

I've just read some of your older blog posts as I was away from blog reading for a couple of weeks. This project is coming along great and you have been accomplishing a lot of stitching on it.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

It does look beautiful in photo! Good thing the person found you! I'm working on a smaller piece with quite a few 1/2 stitches, and it's been a while since doing them. Can't imagine doing them in different numbers of threads, etc. Great job!