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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rethinking it

okay, went through my xs and I only have 1 that is professionally framed that I won't hang again, so guess I will hang on to it....the rest are small enough as is the PS that I just finished that I'm going to stitchbook (scrapbook) them...they will either be in place of a photo in my stitching albums that I have with detail of all finishes or they will be incorporated into my family photo scrapbooks as the theme applies. So no selling of them I guess.

Tomorrow I hope to have a photo of my Blackbird designs Halloween stockings that have been stitched for several years and were assembled ready for me to whipstitch the layers together....they had gotten set aside last fall and I just pulled them out and have just a bit more to do then they are all done....so until tomorrow. Happy stitchng tonight.

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meggie said...


Just found your lovely blog through Cabbages and Kings.
Your stitching is just beautiful!
Hope you have a good weekend (: