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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A finish

Just put the last stitches in this a few minutes ago. Lots of frogging on the house...two colors were too similar so it didn't have the patchwork look it was supposed to have. Left the L-P row as is...see, it's close to the Q-U color. Guess it was just my dye lots.  Not sure if I like the 'a' on weathered. I first thought it was a misspelling...may go back and change that.

Bent Creek
The Weathered Garden
DMC on 28ct.


Vickie said...

I do see what you mean about the "a". I think I would change it.

Brigitte said...

This is a lovely finish. And when I look out the window it looks exactly like on your stitching, lol. I might stitch it as well, as I have it in my stash somewhere.

Mii Stitch said...

I agree with Vickie, I would change to a too. Otherwise it's a lovely piece, well done!

butterfly said...

It looks great , sorry abot your frogging.hugs.

Grit said...

Looks so wonderful.

annalizard said...

Sooo cute!!
Good work.
See you,

Charlene ♥ SC said...

How about just adding another stitch to the 'top notch' of the A's?