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Friday, November 15, 2013

WIPs update

I don't have a finish to show...I did stitch up a model for a designer but can't show it. I thought I would post my progress on several WIPS and a couple of new additions. Two of these don't have much more to show than the last time for them but there is SOME new stitching in them. LOL
Moira Blackburn
Three things sampler
40ct. linen over 2
Rosewood Manor
Spring Quakers
over 1 on Valor fabric

Silver Lining
Purple Passion

Stacy Nash
Tribute to Summer Sampler


Brigitte said...

Great progress on your lovely WIPs.

butterfly said...

Lovely progress, love all your WIPs.

Linda said...

Great progress on everything Teresa.


Pam Tanner said...

You and I have very similar taste. I just took in Spring Quaker to be framed today. Love Moira Blackburn! I have done this one that you are working on. I also took in Time and Season to be framed today as well. Won't get to keep that one, as I am donating to a charity auction. But loved it so much, I am thinking about doing it again for myself, and using the hand dyed threads.