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Friday, December 20, 2013

A finish- sort of

This is a finish for me except for personalizing. The designer was originally going to make it a wedding sampler which is an idea that I liked. She ended up making it a memory sampler of her childhood. I left off the motifs that mean something to her and decided I will put in the names and date for a wedding day. That part has to be charted out yet and stitched but otherwise the piece is done. This is all that I would show anyway as I'd block out the names so here she is. 

Stacy Nash
Tribute to Summer sampler
over 2 using Gast on 36 ct. Meadow Rue


Vickie said...

What a gorgeous gift that is going to be.

butterfly said...

Looks wonderful, hugs.

MaƂgorzata Zoltek said...

Wonderful presents! Greetings from Ireland.